SICSA DVF Professor Philip J Scott, University of Ottawa

Date(s) - 09/09/2016
10:00 am

The Informatics Forum

SICSA DVF Professor Philip J Scott, University of Ottawa will be doing a talk titled “Some Recent Directions in MV and Effect Algebras” at the Informatics Forum, University of Edinburgh on Friday 9 September.

P. J. Scott is a mathematical logician working in category theory, proof theory, and theoretical computer science. In 1986 he published the book Introduction to Higher Order Categorical Logic (Cambridge University Press) with J. Lambek, which has been highly in-uential both in the development of categorical logic, and in its applications in theoretical computer science. In particular, the book establishes the close connections between various type theories, categories, and logics. It thus motivated later works on using category theory and related machinery in programming languages, as well as operational and denotational semantics.
Professor Scott is currently Associate Editor of the Cambridge journal Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, and a Coordinating Editor of the North-Holland journal Annals of Pure and Applied Logic. In Canada, his research funding comes from NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada).

The host of this SICSA DVF is Dr. Chris Heunen, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh.

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