• Recruiting a new Data Science Research Theme Co-Lead

    SICSA Data Science Research Theme…. recruiting a new theme co-leader  Applications are invited for any suitable member of academic staff within a SICSA Institution to co-lead the SICSA Data Science Research Theme.  The role of the SICSA Theme Leaders is to coordinate activities within each of the defined SICSA themes and further develop coherent communities in these areas. Research Theme ... Read more
  • We are now recruiting for a new SICSA Director of Education

    SICSA is now recruiting a new Director of Education SICSA Education has a focus on enhancing collaboration across the core activities of Undergraduate and Postgraduate education provision in Scotland. The group represents common interests to government; employers; professional and practitioner organisations; and the wider education sectors. These include resourcing for University Computing programmes, secondary school ... Read more
  • The HEIR 2021 Conference

    16 November 2021 by Dharini Balasubramaniam, University of St. Andrews The UK and Ireland Higher Education Institutional Research (HEIR) network aims to bring together researchers and practitioners working in the higher education sector to improve learning and teaching practice and to provide relevant evidence to support management decision making at all levels of HE institutions. As an ... Read more
  • United Kingdom and Ireland Computing Education Research (UKICER) 2021 conference

    5 November 2021 by Joe Maguire, University of Glasgow The United Kingdom and Ireland Computing Education Research (UKICER) conference is sponsored by the Association of Computer Machinery (ACM) UK Special Interest Group in Computing Science Education (SIGCSE) chapter. UKICER is a national event for computing educators to share and exchange advances in computing education research. Following on from ... Read more
  • Newly appointed SICSA Events Coordinator

    6 October 2021 by Jamie Ferguson, University of Glasgow It is a pleasure to write what I hope will be the first of many SICSA blog posts. This post will give you a brief introduction to myself and what I’ll be involved in doing as SICSA’s events coordinator. I studied HNC/HND computing in Aberdeen before going onto study ... Read more
  • Cyber Security Research Theme has a new Co-Leader

    We are pleased to confirm that Dr Jacques Ophoff, University of Abertay will be taking over as the SICSA Cyber Security Research Theme Co-Leader as Dr Deepayan Bhowmik is stepping down from the role.  Dr Ophoff will work alongside Professor Karen Renaud and continue to steer the Cyber Security Research Theme forward. A huge thank you ... Read more
  • Virtual Conference Registration Funding: Just another episode of support by SICSA

    Every success is the result of numerous efforts. In my successful presentation of my 1st PhD research paper titled “The Interplay between Personal Relationships & Shoulder Surfing Mitigation” at the Mensch und Computer’21 conference, SICSA played a significant role by sponsoring the virtual conference registration. Having sponsored for the registration, not only made my paper ... Read more
  • 3rd Scottish Programming Languages and Verification Summer School (SPLV)

    23 August 2021 by Jeremy Singer, University of Glasgow   The 3rd Scottish Programming Languages and Verification Summer School (SPLV) took place online 9-17 Aug. Speakers included Guy Katz on verifying neural networks, Simon Peyton Jones on hashing syntax with alpha equivalence and Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas on programming for animals.   This varied line-up attracted lots of engagement from PhD students ... Read more
  • Remote User Experience Laboratory (RUSL) Project

    4 August 2021 by Tim Storer, University of Glasgow The original objectives of the project were to construct a facility in which user experience experiments could be deployed in a remote setting. It was envisaged that the facility would utilise remote desktop technology deployed in virtualised cloud infrastructures, such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon EC3. A virtualised ... Read more
  • SICSA-support workshop on Graduate Apprenticeship funding

    30 July 2021 by Matthew Barr, Programme Director Graduate Apprenticeship in Software Engineering, University of Glasgow The way in which Graduate Apprenticeships (GAs) in Scotland are funded is changing.  Previously administered solely by Skills Development Scotland (SDS), monies will now be allocated by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), with SDS retaining oversight of the frameworks on which ... Read more