Summer School Sponsorship

If you’re organising an Informatics or Computer Science based Summer School that will be held in Scotland, we have sponsorship available to facilitate a number of free places for SICSA students.

Please note: Funding has been closed until the beginning of August 2024.

Key Facts

  • 50% of the free places must be for SICSA students out with the host University
  • Funding can only be applied to students enrolled within a SICSA department
  • Funding provided by SICSA must be matched by University contributions

How much funding is available?

  • £250 per non-residential SICSA student
  • £500 per 1 week residential SICSA student
  • £750 per 2 week residential SICSA student
  • Other levels of contributions will be considered if supported by detailed costings
  • Annual Funding Call Deadlines

    • 31 October
    • 28 February
    • 30 April
    • 30 June

Summer School Sponsorship Guidelines

Summer School Sponsorship Application Form