Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge exchange (KE) is a process which brings together researchers, users of research and industry to exchange ideas, evidence and expertise.

SICSA aims to ensure that we exploit and enhance the research capabilities and reputation of Scottish universities to promote an international presence in the field of Informatics and Computing Science research. Our goal is to assist researchers at all levels so that they are able to make a greater economic and social impact.

Our vision

The SICSA Knowledge Exchange strategy focuses on four key principals:

  • Inspire: entrepreneurial awareness
  • Equip: researchers with entrepreneurial training
  • Exchange: Facilitate early career researchers’ engagement with business and industry
  • Nurture: Business development support

Connecting with business and industry

SPRINt: The Software Practitioner and Research Network

SPRINt is a call for proposals for network activities focused on the theme of The Software Practitioner. The objective of the theme is to bring together software practitioners and researchers from across Scotland for joint activities on topics of shared interest. The definition of a software practitioner is intentionally kept very broad and encompasses a variety of professions working in the software industry who are involved in the construction and maintenance of software systems. This includes, but is not limited to software developers, user experience designers, infrastructure engineers and business analysts. 

Find an Expert!

If you are looking for advice on a specific aspect of Computing or wish to collaborate on a project, we are able to signpost you to an expert in any area.  The Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA) represents a broad range of expertise in Computer Science and Informatics.  We have 14 member-institutions across Scotland, comprising over 500 academics and around 750 PhD research students; covering the whole of the discipline. 

Industry Partnerships for Teaching

SICSA actively promotes collaboration between external organisations and the academic and student community in Scotland. Several undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Scottish Institutions offer opportunities for engagement with external partners creating a stimulating academic community and cultivating an innovative and entrepreneurial culture for future practitioners in the sector dealing with real world examples.