Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge exchange (KE) is a process that brings together researchers, users of research and industry to exchange ideas, evidence and expertise.

SICSA aims to ensure that we exploit and enhance the research capabilities and reputation of Scottish universities to promote an international presence in the field of Informatics and Computing Science research. Our goal is to assist researchers at all levels so that they are able to make a greater economic and social impact.

Our Vision

The SICSA Knowledge Exchange strategy focuses on four key principals:

  • Inspire: entrepreneurial awareness
  • Equip: researchers with entrepreneurial training
  • Exchange: Facilitate early career researchers’ engagement with business and industry
  • Nurture: Business development support


Collaboration with Industrial Partners

SICSA works closely with industrial and public sector organisations in the following areas:

Data Science
Employing research excellence in the challenges of analysis, management, understanding and use of data.

Cyber Security
Using research excellence to tackle the present and growing global threat to business of cyber crime. Please contact Dr Ishbel Duncan, if you have any questions relating to this area.

Our main industry-facing event, which aims to showcase cutting-edge research and technology from SICSA Universities.