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  • SICSA Conference 2021 – PhD Award for Best Dissertation in Scotland

    Last year, as part of the SICSA Conference 2020, we launched the PhD Award for Best Dissertation in Scotland inviting submissions from our vibrant research student community in order to celebrate ground breaking research across Scottish Institutions. We were excited to receive a number of high quality submissions and we were very proud to present ... Read more
  • AI Research Theme: SICSA XAI Workshop 2021- 1st June 2021 – Call for Papers

    The use of AI and ML systems is increasingly becoming more commonplace in everyday life. In everything from recommender systems for media streaming services to machine vision for clinical decision support, intelligent systems are supporting both the personal and professional spheres of our society. However explaining the outcomes and decision-making of these systems remains a ... Read more
  • The Coffee Break at RIS

    Research and Innovation Scotland are pleased to announce the launch of The Coffee Break @ RIS – an on-going opportunity to participate in short, informal online conversations with researchers in other disciplines from across RIS. Working across disciplines is notoriously difficult in ordinary circumstances. Currently, we don’t have those opportunities for fortuitous encounters that happen ... Read more
  • SICSA Education: Call for Presentations “Lessons from Lockdown” Event – 29th April

    The educational landscape has seen a major shift over the past 12 months. As the world starts to heal, it is important to reflect on what worked and what did not, so we can provide new insights into ways of helping both students and educators move forward and ensure efficacy in teaching/learning. SICSA Education will host ... Read more
  • Research Methods Summer School – Spring into Methods 2021

    The Scottish Graduate School of Social Science, in partnership with the Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities, is excited to announce that applications for Spring into Methods 2021 is now open. The Spring into Methods programme brings together arts, humanities and social science doctoral researchers from across Scotland and offers sessions providing an interdisciplinary and ... Read more