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  • Recruiting a new Data Science Research Theme Co-Lead

    SICSA Data Science Research Theme…. recruiting a new theme co-leader  Applications are invited for any suitable member of academic staff within a SICSA Institution to co-lead the SICSA Data Science Research Theme.  The role of the SICSA Theme Leaders is to coordinate activities within each of the defined SICSA themes and further develop coherent communities in these areas. Research Theme ... Read more
  • We are now recruiting for a new SICSA Director of Education

    SICSA is now recruiting a new Director of Education SICSA Education has a focus on enhancing collaboration across the core activities of Undergraduate and Postgraduate education provision in Scotland. The group represents common interests to government; employers; professional and practitioner organisations; and the wider education sectors. These include resourcing for University Computing programmes, secondary school ... Read more
  • The Coffee Break @ RIS

    We invite once again participation to the Coffee Break @ RIS, an on- going opportunity to participate in short, informal online conversations with researchers from across disciplines and geographical locations within Scotland. We are joined this month by the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science, the UK’s largest facilitator of funding, training and support for ... Read more
  • Cyber Security Research Theme has a new Co-Leader

    We are pleased to confirm that Dr Jacques Ophoff, University of Abertay will be taking over as the SICSA Cyber Security Research Theme Co-Leader as Dr Deepayan Bhowmik is stepping down from the role.  Dr Ophoff will work alongside Professor Karen Renaud and continue to steer the Cyber Security Research Theme forward. A huge thank you ... Read more
  • SICSA Conference 2021 – PhD Skills Workshops: 13 September @ 16.00 – 17.30

    Visit our Conference web-site: 16.00 – 16.30, Plenary Session: Keeping Mentally Healthy Doing a PhD can be lonely at times, but COVID has intensified the isolation and uncertainty experienced by PhD students.  The SICSA Universities provide support through counselling, mentoring and other mental health services.  But, at the moment these services are in heavy demand and ... Read more