Cyber Security

We live in a digital society in which technology and data are an important part of almost every aspect of our daily lives. Paramount to ensuring the trust and effectiveness of our digital society is the protection of our data, and the resilience of our supporting storage and communication infrastructure. The are numerous, evolving challenges to be addressed, driven by factors such as the ever-increasing amount of data, the introduction of new infrastructure (e.g., mobile devices, and the Internet of Things), and the greater burden placed on people for effectively managing security and privacy.

Our aim is to foster a strong and vibrant Cyber Security research community in Scotland, and to raise the recognition and prominence of this community in the UK and internationally. Our community consists of researchers and practitioners with an interest in Cyber Security, including those whose core interests lie in related areas; such as Cyber-Physical Systems, Data Science, Networking and Systems, and Human-Computer Interaction.

We have funding to support theme activities or events, as well as the support of a SICSA Cyber Security Network Integrator whose role is to build a critical mass in Cyber Security and Resilience in Scotland across the university, public and private sectors. Our activities and events support knowledge sharing and they are open to all researchers and practitioners with an interest in Cyber Security; we especially welcome participation from colleagues in industry, government and policing.  The SICSA Cyber Security Research Theme is aligned closely with the SICSA Cyber Nexus, which launched in November 2017.

The Research Theme Leaders for Cyber Security are Professor Karen Renaud ( and Dr Jacques Ophoff, Univesity of Abertay (

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