Hosting a Distinguished Visiting Fellow

We want you to have the opportunity to work with eminent researchers who are world class in their field, leading to long lasting relationships to benefit your own career and potential future collaborations for SICSA. Equally we want you to share this opportunity with students and other researchers from across SICSA.

We’re very proud of Scotland’s research strength in Informatics and computer Science and would love for more people to visit us. We have no doubt that Scotland itself is pretty appealing to potential visitors but recognise financial support can help seal the deal, so here’s how we can help:

Key Facts

  • One week up to three month visits permitted
  • Visitors should be engaged with at least two SICSA institutions during visit
  • Visitors must deliver at least one seminar whilst visiting with the level of expected activity increasing in line with the length of stay
  • Visitors should be from an academic institution & their status must be evidenced on the application
  • Host institutions must contribute 20% of the total cost of the visit

Funding Call Deadlines

  • 31 October
  • 28 February
  • 30 April
  • 30 June

What will the funding cover

  • Return economy class air fare (limits applied to geographic regions)
  • Internal travel costs
  • Accommodation costs
  • Subsistence

Please note that we cannot make advance payments prior to the visit taking place

Next Steps

  1. Download the guidelines
  2. Identify your visitor and liaise with them regarding a visit – establishing timescales, preliminary dates & activities to be undertaken whilst visiting.
  3. Identify other researchers/research groups across Scotland to interact with during the visit – visits can be hosted by a single researcher, or multiple researchers from several SICSA institutions
  4. Complete the application form and submit to in the next funding call

pdf DVF_Guidelines
 SICSA DVF-Application-Form