Research Themes

The SICSA Research Themes represent the key clusters of expertise within the SICSA Member Universities and facilitate interactions and collaborations between researchers across Scotland; as well as the exchange of ideas between Universities, businesses and the public sector.

Our research themes deliver a lively schedule of meetings, workshops and master-classes throughout the year. Events are held across Scotland and are open to all Informatics and Computing Science academics, lecturing staff and PhD researchers working within Scotland; as well as those representing business and the public sector. Events are funded by SICSA and they are usually completely free to attend.

We encourage everyone to get involved with the SICSA Research Themes. This could include attending events and meetings; or arranging your own events using SICSA Research Theme funding or other SICSA funding programmes.  If you are interested in a specific Research Theme, please join the mailing lists to receive up-to-date information on events and activities.

Academics and researchers wishing to organise a SICSA sponsored event in their field of research can apply to the SICSA Research Theme leaders for funding to cover travel expenses, speaker expenses and event catering, among other things. To apply for funding, please complete a short proposal and submit to