Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad area: it covers reasoning, planning, knowledge representation, sensory perception, language understanding, learning, optimisation and other related areas; and has been approached in a variety of ways, ranging from biologically inspired ideas (including neural networks), to logic (of various sorts), to emulation of experts.

With recent huge increases in computer power and data storage, some ideas that were previously impractical have become not only possible, but commercially viable. Virtually all the Universities in SICSA work on some aspects of AI. One of the main aims of the theme is to bring together the researchers across Scotland to advance the overall area. 

The theme delivers a lively schedule of events, which aim to:

  • Strengthen research collaborations between SICSA members working in AI and related disciplines, leading to long-lasting interdisciplinary research partnerships;
  • Stimulate improved collaboration between the various research sub-groups to identify new and emerging research areas;
  • Share  knowledge, expertise and tools to enhance AI research.

The Research Theme Leaders for Artificial Intelligence are Dr Dimitra Gkatzia ( and Dr Sandy Brownlee (

Please complete a proposal and email to if you wish to organise a theme activity or event in this area.

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