The SICSA Cyber Nexus

The SICSA Cyber Nexus aims to ensure Scottish higher education institutions are playing their part in making Scotland more cyber resilient and in creating a vibrant innovation community.  In it, the 14 SICSA institutions work together to engage with business, government, and the public and third sectors.  We are currently planning a set of  programmes to deliver improvements in cyber security training for non-technical professionals and technical cyber security education, mostly in schools and colleges.  We are also working to better express our research capabilities and innovation potential and test them against industry’s needs.

The SICSA Cyber Nexus is UK Government funded via the Scottish Government’s Cyber Resilience Unit, and works closely with a wide range of non-academic stakeholders.

There is more information on the SICSA Cyber Nexus website

If you have any queries relating to the SICSA Cyber Nexus, please contact:

Dr Ishbel Duncan
Senior Lecturer, School of Computer Science
University of St Andrews
Phone +44 (0) 1334 46 3270