Technology for Health and Well Being (THAW) Workshop

Date(s) - 20/03/2014
All Day

Livingstone Tower Room LT14.15. Strathclyde University

A clear opportunity can be found in the fact that health and social care is currently moving from being hospital and clinic focused to being embedded in the community and in people’s lives and homes. This introduces research challenges around the use of technology (sensing, displays, security, privacy, accessibility, and usability) and the appropriateness of current and emerging technologies for the this area and how they can make an impact on health, wellbeing and lifestyle (e.g. engagement, immersion, motivation, persuasion, visualisation, selfmanagement, behaviour modification, gamification).

We would like to invite leading researchers in the area of technology for health and wellbeing to our second SICSA funded workshop in this area. We believe this area requires innovative research ideas and solutions from a large multidisciplinary group of researchers in order to determine how we can best lead the way in Scotland in identifying the grand research challenges in this area. This opportunity is timely as the scope and level of interest in this area will continue to grow for some considerable time as we continue to cope with the problems of supporting an ageing population.

We will run two new THAW workshops in 2014.

The first workshop (20th March, Glasgow Caledonian) will focus on bringing together researchers working in the area of mobile and/or multimodal technologies for health and wellbeing and the wider community of researchers working in the area of assistive and independent technologies for health and wellbeing. The purpose of the workshop is to collectively define the research roadmap in this area, in order to lead the way in informing significant, timely and exciting areas of research.

The second workshop (April/May, University of Strathclyde) will have two themes:
1. Widening the Network (scoping of potential synergies with other cognate areas (e.g. security, sensors, future cities, big data, digital health, stratified medicine etc) and
2. Confirming the Way Forward (e.g. confirming the grand challenges from the first workshop, discussing funding and possible future collaboration on a Scotland and EU level and forming ideas for how to take forward the key research agendas in this area).

Who should attend? Anyone working in the area of technologies for health and wellbeing.
When is the first workshop? Thursday 20th March from 10am-4:30pm
Where is the first workshop? Room M401, George Moore Building, Glasgow Caledonian University
When is the second workshop? In late April or early May (date to be confirmed)
How much does it cost? This event is free to those attending from SICSA institutions.
How do I register? on or before Friday 14th March 2014.

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