SICSA Summer School on Practical Types

Date(s) - 03/08/2015 - 05/08/2015
All Day

University of St Andrews

This summer school will give participants an overview of how types can be used in practice. Types have provided numerous benefits in programming language research, including language design and compiler construction, over the years and this trend looks set to continue into the future. But types have also found much wider practical application, eg in areas such as programme verification, termination checking, security, concurrency, software testing, resource analysis, systems biology, semi-structured data formats, databases, linguistics etc.

The school will consist of a series of 2-3 hour lectures covering introductory topics (e.g. type checking, domain specific languages, dependently typed programming), and more advanced topics such as those mentioned above. Thus we aim to cover how can types be used to classify and enhance our knowledge within specific domains of human activity, and how we can use modern functional programming languages to implement programs which take advantage of that type structure.

There will also be time in the program for participants, especially students, to present short talks about their own experience and works in progress.

Confirmed Speakers
Lennart Augustsson, Standard Chartered Bank
Edwin Brady, University of St Andrews
Neil Ghani, University of Strathclyde
Conor McBride, University of Strathclyde
Jeremy Siek, Indiana University
Kevin Hammond, University of St Andrews
Ornela Dardha, University of Glasgow

There will also be a session of “lightning talks” giving students 15 minutes to present their own research.

Full details available shortly.

To register, please send an email to with the subject Summer School Registration, with the following details:

Name: [Your Name]
Affiliation: [Your affiliation]
Residential: Yes/No
PhD Student at a SICSA institution: Yes/No

We will reply shortly with details of how to pay. Residential registration includes 2 nights (Monday and Tuesday) in the David Russell Apartments. Registration will remain open as long as there is space. However, the earlier you register the better. Rooms are guaranteed until June 4th 2015.

There is also plenty of accommodation available throughout St Andrews. Please contact us if you need further information!

The registration fee is:
£250 (Residential)
£150 (Non-residential)

Registration is free for PhD students studying at a SICSA institution in Scotland (however, places are limited).


For more details, contact Edwin Brady or visit the Summer School web-page


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