SICSA Future Cities Workshop 2

Date(s) - 28/02/2014
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

University Of Edinburgh, South Bridge

SICSA Future Cities: Workshop 2
When: 10:00 – 16:00, Friday 28th February
Where: Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, Old High School, Infirmary Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1LZ
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This February workshop will feature presentations on the challenges faced by city leaders (and their citizens), and the initiatives under way. The aim is to identify places where SICSA researchers can have the best impact.

Key objectives in the afternoon will be to help identify what resources – especially data – either already exist, or are being constructed, or ought to be built that: (a) can help solve a problem for a city; and (b) enable fresh informatics research.

In January, our Future Cities workshop focussed on academic capability. In February, we shift our attention to user need. According to the UK’s Information Economy Strategy (BIS 13/901), “City leaders the world over are turning to integrated “intelligent” or “smart” systems and concepts to deliver vital public services, for example:

– Healthcare: assisted living, patient monitoring, digital records and hospital administration
– Smart energy grids: demand management, renewable energy integration
– Transport: traffic and congestion management, road user charging, emergency response, public information systems, smart parking
– Water management: consumption monitoring, wastewater treatment, environmental safety systems, and flood management
– Waste management: waste collection modelling.”

And according to Arup, the UK’s share of the global market for smart urban systems in 2020 will be worth will $40 billion per annum. For researchers, as well as major investments such as the TSB’s £24M for the Glasgow Future Cities Demonstrator, there will be new opportunities under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.

Confirmed speakers include:
•Chris Dibben (Director, ESRC Administrative Data Research Centre)
•Andy Kerr (Director, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation)
•Sally Kerr (Digital Services Manager, City of Edinburgh)
•Andrew Unsworth (Smart Cities & Communities Programme Manager, Scottish Government)
•And further representatives from: the Glasgow Future Cities Demonstrator; and from another of Scotland’s cities.

10.15 Talk 1
10.35 Talk 2
10.55 Talk 3
11.15 Talk 4
11.35 tea/coffee
11.50 Talk 5
12.10 Talk 6
12.30 Talk 7
12.50 Talk 8
13.10 lunch
13.40 Breakout discussion groups
15.00 tea/coffee
15.20 Reports from breakout groups
15.50 Next steps: identifying best resources; planning workshop 3
16.00 End

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