SICSA DIVF: Tim Harris – Rethinking the stack for distributed runtime systems

Date(s) - 08/05/2013
11:00 am - 11:30 am

The Royal College of Surgeons, King Khalid Building Symposium Hall

Cluster computing is becoming increasingly important because the size of workloads continues to grow faster than the size of individual machines. In this talk I will argue that:

* The resource demands of emerging workloads (e.g., distributyed Graph analytics) look different from software traditionally deployed on clusters (HPC and distributed/replicated servers).

* With jobs spanning multiple machines, no individual system is in control of traditional OS functions such as scheduling and resource management. This leads to poor interactions (e.g., where cluster-wide scheduling of jobs to machines is unaware of the exact load on individual machines) and wasted resources (e.g., if machines or VMs are statically assigned, but resources go unused).

I will describe some of the trends I am seeing, and research directions I am exploring in the design of distributed runtime systems. This is an informal work-in-progress talk – feedback very welcome.

This talk is part of the MMnet’13 workshop – please register via Event Web Page

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