SICSA CSE/M&A/NGI: Practical Types

Date(s) - 04/06/2014 - 06/06/2014
12:00 am

The Burn, Brechin

See for more details and for registration.

The Practical Types Brainstorming Event is a joint event organised by the universities of Dundee, St Andrews and Strathclyde to discuss future collaborations on the topic “Types in functional programming languages”.

Types have gone beyond merely labelling values, and are now seen as intrinsically defining properties of code, both functional (what does a value represent) and extra-functional (what program behaviour is implied by a program term). Modern concepts of e.g. dependent types, session types, type classes, generic algebraic data types (GADTs), gradual typing … show great promise in terms of describing and reasoning about program properties. However, there is still a significant gap between the state-of-the-art in type theory and the practical application of types in programming languages.

Scottish researchers have been at the forefront of advances in type theory and its application. This 2-day residential workshop aims to bring together researchers from across SICSA who are interested in issues of how to make types practical. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

* use of types for describing and reasoning about functional/extra-functional properties
* type-based static analyses, including amortised analysis
* types and concurrency, including session types
* types and safety/security
* proof carrying code
* application of categorical concepts in practical type settings
* types and generic programming
* type checking and type inference, including efficiency and other concerns
* static versus dynamic typing, including gradual typing
* design of typed languages

Important Dates

Event Dates: 4th-6th June 2014

Deadline for Registration: 16 May 2014


If you plan to attend the event, please register at Practical Types Registration Page

We do not charge a registration fee.

The Burn offers rates £60 for shared rooms and £75 for rooms with single occupancy, all meals included. Payments can be made at the Burn.

There will be a limited amount of funds available to cover the above costs; they will be allocated on the first-come-first-served basis.


The Burn
Angus DD9 7YP

Travel Information

You can get to the Burn by taking a train to Montrose and then a bus to Edzell (in Angus) and finally walking, cycling, or taking a taxi for the last 1 and a half miles.

Equipment and Computing Facilities

The Seminar Room contains a whiteboard, OHP and Data Projector.

Organisers: Neil Ghani, Kevin Hammond, and Katya Komendantskaya.

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