CHI 2019 UX Event

Date(s) - 07/05/2019
5:40 pm - 8:00 pm

Crown Plaza Hotel

Are you a UX practitioner who knows that academic research is full of information that can make your work easier, but you don’t know where to find it, how to digest it— or even how to influence it?

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Are you an HCI researcher who wants to increase the impact of your academic work on industry, but you’re not sure what UX practitioners need to know or how best to communicate your findings to them?

Come to the CHI 2019 UX Research-Practice Event and help change that. Giles Colborne, CEO of cxpartners and a leader in UX practice, will open the event by speaking on Bridging the Relevance Gap. “At a time when organisations are investing heavily in their design teams,” Giles asks, “why does that gap remain so wide?” He will draw on his conversations with design leaders and his own explorations of this topic, “to find places where we may just be able to bridge the gap for the benefit of both sides.”

Giles’s talk will be followed by a short panel discussion featuring people from both academia and industry. Stuart Reeves, of Nottingham University, will describe his work on understanding how usability testing is conducted in practice; and Laura Lascau, of University College London, will describe her new project to translate academic research into articles that are more understandable to practice. Chris Rourke, CEO of User Vision, will speak about his company’s needs from academia and some challenges they have faced in getting those needs met.

Then it’s your turn! Inspired by the ideas and challenges discussed, we will work together to identify and select ideas that inspire us, and to generate plans and action items for taking them forward. We will begin building the bridges that we have long wished we had.

This event is free for registered CHI attendees, or £25 for those wanting to attend only this event.

There will be light snacks and a cash bar.

Elizabeth Buie, CHI 2019 Industry Liaison, of Sigma Consulting Solutions Ltd and recently of Northumbria University, will chair the event.


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