Artificial Intelligence Research Theme Meeting

Date(s) - 30/08/2017
10:15 am - 4:00 pm

The Cottrell Building,University of Stirling

The next meeting of the SICSA AI Theme will take place on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at the Cottrell Building Room B3, University of Stirling.

How do the many facets of learning in AI relate to each other?

Many AI systems learn: the alternative (that the system arrives fully functional, just needing plugged into place) implies the development of systems of staggering complexity if they are to be deployed in the real world. But the adaptation or learning of systems takes many different forms.

  • In the neural network arena, learning is associated with changing the strength of links between neurons (and sometimes with introduction and removal of neurons as well);
  • it is about robots learning about their sensory systems, and learning about their environments;
  • in Bayesian systems, learning is statistical, calculating the probability of hypotheses
  • with support vector machines, learning is about learning a decision surface;
  • in decision trees, it is about inducing an appropriate tree from examples;
  • and there are many other types of learning in AI in other branches of the discipline.

There is growing interest in this area, as evidenced by the DARPA call “Toward Machines that Improve with Experience”, see,

The aim of this meeting is to seek connections between these different types of learning. At first sight many of them seem quite independent of each other, but are they?

Invited Speakers:

Ian Murray, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh.

David King, Computing and Mathematics, Abertay University

(Other invited speakers to be advised

We intend to have several other speakers as well as a poster session: we seek abstracts both for speakers and for poster presentations from both established researchers and PhD students.


Posters: Posters can be from researchers at any level, from Undergraduate to Masters to PhD, to research fellows, to Academic staff. These should relate in some sense to the title of the meeting (How do the many facets of learning in AI relate to each other?).

Poster contributors should email Professor Leslie Smith (, a brief abstract (< 250 words) either as a .pdf file or as plain text, before 24 August, and should also register for the meeting at Eventbrite

Meeting Format:  The meeting will start at 10.15 with coffee on arrival: there will be talks from the invited speakers, contributed talks, and a poster session.  Please see the event programme for more information.

We intend to organize some discussion groups in the afternoon to investigate possible areas of collaboration. The aim is to form some conclusions about novel relationships between learning in different aspects of AI as a result.

The meeting will end about 16.00, probably adjourning to less formal premises to continue discussions.

Please contact the SICSA AI Theme Leaders Professor Leslie Smith or Professor Emma Hart if you have any questions or alternatively register at the Eventbrite page now.

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