SICSA Cyber Nexus Research Exchanges

The SICSA Cyber Nexus is able to provide bursaries for researchers in Informatics and Computing Sciences (specifically in Cyber Security or Cyber Resilience) at SICSA institutions to take part in research visits to anywhere in the UK or abroad.

The main purpose of this funding is to provide research training and development opportunities for Researchers working in the areas of Cyber Security or Cyber Resilience in Scotland. It is also hoped that these exchanges will provide opportunities to build experience of international collaboration with academia and/or industry and the public sector.

Key Facts

  • Up to £3,000 available per successful applicant.
  • Exchanges are permitted to any country in the world (including the UK).
  • Visits can be for any period-of-time (can be split over a number of visits)
  • Can be used to build on existing, or establish new collaborations with businesses, the public sector or academia

The funding can be used for:

  • Economy travel
  • Accommodation & Subsistence
  • Additional childcare costs resulting from the exchange
  • Funding cannot be used to attend conferences/seminars or similar training events, and cannot be applied to the travel costs for such events
  • Funding cannot be claimed against research costs

Please note that we cannot make advance payments prior to completion of the exchange

Funding Call Deadlines

Funding call deadlines fall at the end of each calendar month for the duration of The Cyber Nexus Programme.

Next Steps

  1. Download the guidelines
  2. Apply using the form below and submit to

Research Exchanges Application Form