Cyber Security

Cyber Security is considered a Tier 1 threat to National Security and the UK Government is investing heavily in this area with a particular focus on research and development.


Scotland has world recognised expertise in this area and we are continuing to build on this. SICSA possesses combined expertise and facilities in the field of Cyber Security and works with Industry; Police; Scottish and UK Government; and other agencies to make Scotland the number one place for Cyber Security engagement and research.

Within SICSA there are plenty of options for collaboration between industry and academia to develop a competitive advantage for your organisation, or protect it against future threats.  There is a SICSA Cyber Security Research Theme, which aims to develop a strong community of Scottish-based Cyber-Security researchers.  Our Cyber Security Network Integrator acts as the link between Scottish Cyber Security research and the key stakeholders in this area.

For more information please contact:
Alan Settery
SICSA Cyber Security Network Integrator, University of Glasgow
Phone: +44 (0) 141 330 4845