Academics & Postdoctoral Researchers

By bringing together academics from across Universities in Scotland, SICSA has created one of the largest top-quality research clusters in ICS in the world.

We grow as a community when you grow as researchers so take advantage of the funding available to you as an individual researcher, or the calls that will help you contribute back to the community.

Academics and Postdoctoral Researchers in Scotland are automatically part of SICSA and therefore eligible to take advantage of SICSA funding calls:

Host a Visitor (DVF’s)
Host an eminent researcher for 1 week – 3 months. Collaborate & share them with SICSA to inspire the next generation of researchers
Event Sponsorship
Funding to support Scottish based events of all sizes ranging from research theme events, hosted Summer Schools and International level conferences
Pools Engagement in European Research Support (PEER)
Support for networking activities for policy influencing and project preparation at a European level. Multi-site bids and SME involvement prioritised
Researcher Exchanges (PECE)
Build your career with a research exchange in Europe, North America, China or India. Develop international collaborations & enjoy a change of scenery to boot