SICSA Conference 2020 PhD Award for Best Dissertation in Scotland

We are excited to announce the SICSA PhD Award for Best Dissertation in Scotland, in partnership with ScotlandIS  Winners will be announced at the SICSA Conference 2020, which is being held together with ScotSoft 2020 on 1st October.  Shortlisted candidates, all those selected for an honourable mention, will be invited to present their work at the SICSA Conference. The ultimate winner will receive a prize of £2000 (in vouchers); all shortlisted candidates will receive a certificate.

Selection Criteria:

The award is intended to recognise and honour outstanding research and exposition. Specifically, to be considered for this award, the dissertation should:

  • make an original and noteworthy technical contribution; and
  • have a high-quality exposition accessible to a general computer-science audience.


All doctoral dissertations with a focus on Computer Science and Informatics successfully completed in the period 1st August 2019 to 31st July 2020 are eligible. The date of the viva or final thesis acceptance date are acceptable as a completion date.

Nominations should include:

  1. Copy of dissertation.
  2. Nominating statement from an advisor limited to 2 pages addressing why the nominee’s dissertation should receive this award. This should address the significance of the dissertation, not simply repeat the information in the abstract. Nomination must come from the advisor; self-nomination is not allowed.
  3. One letter of support limited to 2 pages. The supporting letter should be from an expert in the field (for example, the external examiner) who can provide additional insights or evidence of the dissertation’s impact. (The nominator/advisor may not write a letter of support.) If a letter writer is supporting more than one nomination, they may be asked to rank those nominations.
  4. List of publications contributing to thesis.
  5. Suggested award citation if the candidate is selected. This should be a concise statement of no more than 200 words.
  6. Deadline for submissions: Friday 14th August 2020

Review process:

Submissions will be reviewed by a selection committee consisting of senior researchers in Computer Science and Informatics and chaired by the SICSA Graduate Academy Director.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact

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