SICSA is a consortium that promotes international excellence in University-led research, education and knowledge exchange for Scottish Informatics and Computer Science.

SICSA connects students and academics with industry, policy makers, practitioners and research partners to deliver a range of activities to support Computing Science in Scotland. We are funded entirely by our member institutions comprising all 14 Scottish Higher Education Computer Science & Informatics Schools and Departments and three Scottish Innovation Centres.


> Improve the quality of Informatics and Computer Science research and education in Scotland

> Contribute to economic development by working with industry to develop and exploit our work

> Create a coherent, national community that represents all aspects of Scottish Informatics and Computer Science



The governing body responsible for the delivery of SICSA’s aims and objectives is the SICSA Committee which meets quarterly and is comprised of the principals (heads of school or department) of the 14 member institutions and CEOs of the three Innovation Centres.


Core activities are overseen by the SICSA Directorate comprised of Directors of Education, Knowledge Exchange, Research and the SICSA Graduate Academy. The Directorate meets bi-weekly and is supported by an Executive Officer and Projects & Events Officer based at the University of Glasgow.

Research Committee

Strategic research activities are organised by the Research Committee which meets periodically and is comprised of Research Theme leads and Directors.