Systems and Software Engineering

The “System and Software Engineering” research theme for SICSA responds to the evolving landscape of software and AI-based systems, products, and network services, emphasizing the interconnected nature of System Engineering, Networking, and Software Engineering. Acknowledging the scarcity of candidates in computing-related PhD programs, particularly in Software Engineering, the theme aims to broaden research engagement. It aspires to create an inclusive environment for junior faculty and undergraduates, addressing the lack of a cohesive community for data and experience sharing among researchers.

Short-term goals include motivating students through participation in events like the Mining Software Repository challenge and supporting the Scottish Networking Event (SCONE —, a regular series of gatherings for networking and systems researchers in and around Scotland to foster research and interdisciplinary collaboration. The theme recognizes the foundational role of networks and complex systems in ICT advancements, with a broad goal of fostering research across networks, systems, and software engineering. It spans various strategic areas such as AI in complex system design, autonomous systems, cloud networking, quantum computing, and societal challenges. Complemented by initiatives like boot camps and support for international events, the theme aims to establish a distinct global identity and contribute to the advancement of research in System and Software Engineering.

The Research Theme Leaders for Networking and Systems are Prof Ashkan Sami ( and Dr Stephen McQuistin (

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