SICSA Conference 2020 Infrastructure Competition

The SICSA conference in October 2020 is moving online and we want to make it an exemplar of what can be achieved.  Many large scientific conferences are moving online, see for example: a description of a successful online neuroscience conference.  We think we should be able to do (much) better. 

So, we are throwing this open to the wisdom of the SICSA graduate academy crowd by holding a competition to identify candidate approaches to running the SICSA conference online.  The details are: 

  • Task: We want you to create a demo site for a SICSA-like conference.  So your approach should be able to support talks, workshops, discussion rooms etch and in addition you should give consideration on how to support informal interactions around the conference.  You should also have good arguments to support the scalability and robustness of your proposal.  You can use any combination of solutions you feel are effective in providing a congenial environment for the SICSA conference. 
  • To participate: Register your interest and team from the SICSA Graduate Academy by emailing    
  • Submit the URL of your demo site to before midnight on Friday 28th August 2020  
  • Judging: In the week following the submission, the SICSA Directorate will test drive the demo sites and decide on the prizewinner.  The prizewinning demo will be a strong candidate for our final approach to the virtual SICSA conference. 
  • DeadlineFriday 28th August 2020  
  • Prize for the best demo: £500 (in vouchers) 

If you have any questions or require clarification please email 

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