Funding call from SICSA….with more flexibility for online collaboration support

The SICSA Funding call for June is now open! The SICSA Directorate understand that plans need to change to reflect the current circumstances relative to COVID-19.  We realise that workshops, events, symposiums, visiting fellows and research exchanges cannot take place in person at this time and therefore this funding call will be open to all proposals to support online collaboration activities.  We have temporarily updated our funding guidelines to provide details and examples of funding requests; please note you are not restricted to these examples so do get in touch if you require clarification or have additional ideas to support virtual collaborative activities.

The Directors are confident that temporarily deviating from our usual funding guidelines we can still support the agreed outcomes of the SICSA Award:

  • A Scottish informatics and computer science base that is internationally competitive and improving its international reputation and standing in the world;
  • Value created for the Scottish economy and society;
  • Access to excellent learning experience and support for students and early career researchers

Please visit the SICSA Funding page for more information on our funding opportunities and email if you have any questions.

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