Students as the focus at Edinburgh Napier’s Centre for Computing Education Research


Edinburgh Napier recruits a high proportion of students from partner colleges as direct entrants and the work of the Associate Student Project supports this often-difficult transition.  Debbie Meharg, supported by Khristin Fabian, Ella Taylor-Smith and Alison Varey has developed a model of interventions to aid preparation and support direct entrants both pre and post-transition with an emphasis on the early induction even.  Jyoti Bhardwaj’s research focuses on the transition into first-year computing, engagement and the first-year experience. Her latest papers evaluate the use of simulations to promote soft skills in small-group collaborative settings.

Graduate Apprentices

In 2017 School of Computing started their Graduate Apprenticeship programmes.  Developed through partnership working with employers and SDS, research has been at the core of this development. Our research seeks to understand the unique needs of GAs and operationally we’ve adapted teaching styles and developed appropriate support mechanisms. Research focuses on understanding the perceptions, backgrounds and policy influences, working with others across Scotland coordinated by Ella Taylor-Smith.

Placement and Professional Identity

Transitions into and out of placement, and further down the line into the workplace is the focus of research linked to the Scotland-wide e-Placement Scotland project (Colin Smith, Sally Smith).  They are looking at the student decision-making process and perceived and actual barriers, and how the placement experience contributes to an emergent ‘professional identity’ which can ease the socialization and transition into a graduate role and secure development in the grad career.

Language and Pedagogy

Kendall Richard’s recent and ongoing work has been in the areas of theories of language/pedagogy, subject-context and approaches to student support. A recent journal article examined subject-specific language and pedagogy: Using physical objects as a portal to reveal academic subject identity and thought.  Kendall continues his work in the area of English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) and research into the effectiveness of current practices used for testing of English in Higher Education.

Collaborative Projects

John Morrisons collaborative work with DMID Global 4th year student Murray Paterson displaying an installation at the Independent Care Review launch event in Glasgow


John Morrisons is working on a collaborative project with Our Hearings Our Voice exploring the potential of digital media to create spaces for dialogue, which protect confidentiality in participatory rights based methodologies. Installations have taken place at the Independent Care Review launch and work continues with the Children’s Hearing Network.  You can find out more about Johns other projects here.

Further details about this work and more can be found here.