SICSA Theory, Modelling and Computation Theme Event: SICSA Programming Challenge

Date(s) - 19/01/2022
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The SICSA Programming Challenge is a programming competition to solve a set of given problem specifications within a given time period, typically within one afternoon. There will be prizes at the end of the competition: 100 GBP for the winner, 50 GBP for the second and third place, and a judges’ price of 50 GBP. This event is open for all under-graduate and taught post-graduate students at Scottish universities.

The next SICSA Programming Challenge “”groundbreaking Gödel” will run on Wed 19.1.2022 from 2-6pm online using the OpenKattis.

These programming challenges will be an opportunity for students to test and exercise their programming skills. It will consist of a sequence of programming tasks that are posted through OpenKattis. Each successfully solved problem will gain you points, and the overall highest scoring student will be the winner of the challenge.

In order to register for the event, you’ll need to sign-up for the event once it’s available on OpenKattis (ca 2 days before the event). If you want to be considered for prizes, sign-up with your real name and your affiliation (university). You can participate anonymously, or use an alias, but in this case you won’t qualify for prizes.

Set up of the Challenge
  • To register, sign-up for the challenge on OpenKattis once the challenge is online (see ‘upcoming events’ on OpenKattis). You’ll need an account on OpenKattis, which can be linked with e.g. your gmail account.
  • When setting up the account, do use your real name and identify your institution, if you want to participate in the run for the prizes. Email me your Name on OpenKattis and your matriculation number (student number) by the end of the challenge, so that we can validate the winners.
  • This challenge is for individual contributions, so when you are asked about a “Team” just put down your name.

More info about the event and OpenKattis usage.

Background Reading

“CodeSport: Increasing Participation in Programming UsingCoding Tournaments as an Alternative to Hackathons” by James Geller and James Geller. In CompEd ’19: Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Global Computing Education, May 2019. DOI: 10.1145/3300115.3309505.


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