• Students as the focus at Edinburgh Napier’s Centre for Computing Education Research

    Transitions Edinburgh Napier recruits a high proportion of students from partner colleges as direct entrants and the work of the Associate Student Project supports this often-difficult transition.  Debbie Meharg, supported by Khristin Fabian, Ella Taylor-Smith and Alison Varey has developed a model of interventions to aid preparation and support direct entrants both pre and post-transition with ... Read more
  • A vibrant community in computing research education at Glasgow Caledonian University

    At GCU there are a number of active areas of education research and scholarship in Computing: Cloud Computing Curriculum Brian Hainey and Sajid Nazir are participants in a series of ITiCSE Working Groups which address the challenges that instructors face in teaching rapidly evolving cloud-related concepts. Brian is a co-leader of the ITiCSE 2020 group. Engagement in online ... Read more
  • Ground-breaking work within the field of computing education research

    Within SICSA institutions we are doing excellent, ground-breaking work within the field of computing education research. We have asked the newly formed Education Champions to write short blogs about the research within their particular institution. At the University of Glasgow, the Centre for Computing Science Education supports several education research projects. Spatial skills Jack Parkinson is researching the ... Read more
  • Another successful exchange with the SICSA PECE Award

    By Paola Ardón Ramírez 20 April 2020 I’m Paola and my research project is focused on robots collaborating on household tasks for which I use the concept of grasp affordances (knowing how to appropriately grasp objects given a task). From the beginning, the project has been planned to start on a theoretical basis and grow hierarchically to ... Read more
  • SICSA PECE Award supports researchers in establishing new links and collaborations

    by Èric Pairet, University of Edinburgh 15 April 2020 Howdy!, as my new Texan fellows would say. I’m`Eric Pairet, a part-time research associate at the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics that has just finished a four-month academic placement at Kavraki’s lab, Rice University, Houston, US. During the placement, I have been actively collaborating with Prof. Lydia Kavraki, a ... Read more
  • SICSA Funding Call Now Open

    We are pleased to announce that the Scottish Funding Council has awarded us further funding to continue the Scottish Informatics & Computer Science Alliance (SICSA) research pool until July 2021 We now have a new series of funding calls open with increased support across our research themes with the aim to extend and expand our links with other ... Read more
  • The new SICSA Director of Education on his role and building the education community

    Earlier this month, I took over as SICSA Director of Education from Dr Rachel Menzies, who has served in this capacity over the last two years. First off, I would like to thank Rachel for all her hard work, and I look forward to serving the community in this role. I am currently a Senior Lecturer ... Read more
  • Student attends the International Conference on Intelligent Robots with the help of SICSA

    by Èric Pairet, Heriot Watt University 25 November 2019 Last week, I attended the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) organised by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ). IROS is one of the top conferences world-wide were scientists gather to present and discuss the state-of-the-art on robotics. This ... Read more
  • SICSA supports Code Your Future (CYF)

    by Gianluca Palombo 5 August 2019 CodeYourFuture are a charity who train refugees, asylum seekers and people from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds to become professional software developers. We are already running classes in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Rome – with plans to extend to other cities in the near future. On the weekend of the 27th June, CodeYourFuture ... Read more
  • SICSA funds student to attend the European Summer School in Information Retrieval (ESSIR)

    by Vasileios Stamatis 29th July 2019 The European Summer School in Information Retrieval (ESSIR) is a summer school for Information Retrieval and has been taking place since 1990 and the last few years it has taken by every two years.  The ESSIR 2019 took place in Milan, Italy, in the University of Milan-Bicocca. Myself and many other students ... Read more