Welcome to our new Director, Professor Stuart Anderson

We are very pleased to confirm that Professor Stuart Anderson from the University of Edinburgh has been confirmed as the Director of SICSA.   Stuart took over from Professor Aaron Quigley on an interim basis but was confirmed in post by the SICSA Committee in December last year and will now lead SICSA through the transitional period of the Research Pools.  When informed that his appointment had been confirmed by the SICSA Committee Stuart said, “I am delighted to have been chosen as SICSA Director.  In these challenging times the research pools are a tried and tested way to act across the entire community and to link with other research pools to tackle recovery and development out of the pandemic.  I feel privileged to contribute to the development of SICSA’s role in Scotland’s economy and society.”

Stuart previously held the position of SICSA Director back in August 2014 and we are so pleased to have him back.