SICSA opens call for Short-Term Research Themes

We are pleased to announce that a further call for SICSA Short-Term Research Themes is now open.  We have funding available for two such themes.  Full details of the call are included below:

SICSA Short-Term Research Theme Call – October 2014
As SICSA develops, we need to adapt to changes in technology, theory, funding opportunities and the interests of the SICSA academic communities. As such we have allocated funding for two new short-themes, which will run for an initial period of 12 months. A total of £4K has been allocated for each of the two new short-themes.

For this call we invite researchers working within the following areas (this is not intended as an exhaustive list) to submit a short proposal to Steven Kendrick, SICSA Executive Officer:

– Internet of Things
– Novel Ideas for Radically New Technologies
– Cyber-Security
– Cyber-Physical Systems
– Social Computation (e.g. Social Collective Intelligence, Collective Awareness Platforms, Collective Adaptive Systems)
– Responsible Research and Innovation

The proposal should cover the following topics:
1. Who is involved? The names and affiliations of the proposers, with a brief description of their background in the proposed area.
2. What will be done? A summary of the planned events, which academics, research groups and user groups will be involved within SICSA and from outside Scotland. Provide names of potential Distinguished Visiting Fellows who could contribute to the Theme. Document the world-class track record of the key SICSA groups cognate to the proposed area.
3. Why now? What is the opportunity being addressed? Is this an intellectual opportunity, as a new topic is emerging? Is it a funding opportunity where government, commercial or research council priorities are changing and SICSA institutions need to better understand how their research strengths can play a role?
4. What outcomes do you plan to achieve beyond the research meetings? (e.g. Joint papers, grant proposals, technical implementations, government policy changes etc.)

Please submit the proposal by 4pm on 30th November 2014 to If you would like to discuss the proposal in advance, please e-mail Stuart Anderson (SICSA Director). It should be noted that there may be scope for proposals to be refined, especially if there are multiple bids in related areas.

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