SICSA Data Science theme: Call for bids to support Data Science activity

Researchers across SICSA are invited to bid to the Data Science theme for funds in support of events, workshops, and/or other activities that will make a significant contribution to their data science research agenda(s).

The Data Science theme is particularly interested in supporting activities that meet three or more of the following criteria:

• bringing together ‘enabling technologies’ in data science (e.g. analytics, security, HPC) and ‘data owners’ (e.g. from industry, society, or other areas of science);
• demonstrating the potential benefits of bringing together separate groups of data science researchers within SICSA from different sub-areas of data science;
• relevance to SICSA data science interests, as characterised by the results of the theme launch activities:
• relate strongly one or more key research questions in one or more areas of data science;
• the event/activity already receives significant support from elsewhere (e.g.: perhaps the event is to be attached to a conference that contributes venue and other costs; or perhaps the event is standalone and is co-funded from another SICSA theme, or a research grant)

This call is open to workshops, hackathons, team-forming meetings, activities relating to specific challenges, and so forth. Innovation in the format/style of activity is encouraged, but not particularly necessary.

Submitting a bid:

Destination: Please email bids to both and

Timing: There are no deadlines; however we expect to make the first round of funding allocations in early February 2015, and thereafter about every three months.

Format: A bid should be at most 1 page (at most 400 words), and attached to your email as a PDF. It should explain clearly:

• How much is requested from the Data Science theme;
• how and when you intend to use the funds;
• details of matching/other support already obtained;
• how the outcome(s) will be reported to the SICSA community (and other relevant
• how your plans fit with the ‘Data Science Theme Preferences’ indicated above.

Budget: We anticipate that awards will be made to bids that ask for £200—£500, and around 5 or 6 awards will be made per annum.

David Corne
Amos Storkey

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