Virtual Conference Registration Funding: Just another episode of support by SICSA

Every success is the result of numerous efforts. In my successful presentation of my 1st PhD research paper titled “The Interplay between Personal Relationships & Shoulder Surfing Mitigation” at the Mensch und Computer’21 conference, SICSA played a significant role by sponsoring the virtual conference registration. Having sponsored for the registration, not only made my paper presentation feasible but also gave me the opportunity to connect with fellow researchers across the globe.

Mensch und Computer is a German-based Human-Computer Interaction conference that put forwards a platform for discussion and sharing of contributions around innovative ways of interaction between humans and technology. The proceedings of the conference are published in ACM digital library.

The conference kickstarted on 5th September and lasted until 8th Sept 2021. The conference offered a wide variety of workshops, tutorials, demos and paper sessions covering a range of topics such as Mobile & Ubiquity, Work Assistance, Assistance Systems & Users with Special Needs, Mixed Reality, Privacy, Security & Trust, Virtual Reality, UX and the Crowd, and Recommender Systems and Machine Learning. The organizers made use of online tools such as Zoom, Discord, and live website to facilitate discussions and presentations.

The most fascinating session among all for me was the “Privacy Security & Trust” as my paper belonged to this domain. My paper investigated a commonly occurring privacy invasion called “shoulder surfing”. Shoulder surfing refers to observing a user’s device screen without consent and without being noticed. Shoulder surfing can occur anywhere and anyone can be the observer eg friend, family member, or stranger etc. The paper reflects on if the user’s reaction to shoulder surfing is impacted by the relationship with the observer. This is important to know as unfavourable effects on relationships could reduce the acquisition of shoulder surfing mitigation methods which could, in turn, put user’s privacy at risk. To uncover more about the interplay between personal relationships and shoulder surfing mitigation, I along with my co-authors conducted this study. If you would like to know more about the paper, please follow the QR code given at the bottom of the page.

The most exciting part of the conference was when my paper was announced as the winner of the “Honourable Mention Award”. It was a moment of immense gratitude and happiness. This marked my first award on my first paper of PhD as the first author.

Overall, the conference proved to be an engaging and exciting event despite having to move from being physical to virtual. My participation at the conference would not have been successful without SICSA sponsorship. I’m grateful to SICSA for offering to support for attending the conference. Presenting my work and connecting with fellow researchers was an enthralling experience.

To access my paper titled “The Interplay between Personal Relationships & Shoulder

Surfing Mitigation”, scan the QR code:

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