SICSA Education – In the Loop

18 December 2020

By Mark Zarb, SICSA Director of Education

First of all – you’ll remember that at SICSA Conference, we had Professor Sally Fincher (Professor Emerita, University of Kent) give a talk about Educational Resilience. She then joined the Education Champions in a Panel format, taking questions from the audience.

These videos have been uploaded, and are now able for view at the following links:

These form part of the continuing videos on Education, resilience and teaching “face to face” students in an online setting due to covid-19, which you can view here:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your enthusiasm for Education – this year we had some wonderful SICSA Education events, including a very well attended workshop on addressing the Gender Balance (which led to the awesome Ada Festival), a workshop on teaching accessibility and sponsorship of UKICER, amongst others. We have an exciting programme of events coming up in 2021 – should you wish to be part of it, consider applying for Education funding here.

Thanks again for an awesome year despite all circumstances – and I look forward to a productive 2021.