Conference Sponsorship

Attracting prestigious events to Scotland improves the visibility and esteem of SICSA institutions, as well as providing access to renowned international events for academics and PhD students closer to home.

SICSA is able to provide sponsorship for major international conferences to be held in Scotland with an Informatics and Computer Science focus.

Key Facts:

  • 50% of the free places must be for SICSA students out-with the host University
  • Funding can only be applied to students enrolled within a SICSA department
  • Can only be applied to large scale, international events only. Smaller workshops or symposiums should seek funding through¬†Research Theme Event Sponsorship

How much funding is available?

  • Up to ¬£350 per student scholarship awarded can be requested
  • Funding Call Deadline

    • Unfortunately this funding call is now closed for Conferences taking place before 31 July 2024.

Conference Sponsorship Application Form

Conference Sponsorship Guidelines