SICSA Peer Support Network


The support group is run by PhD students for PhD students. No supervisors are included. We encourage you to come along and have a relaxing time to talk about anything you want, be it stress about deadlines, an acute feeling of imposter syndrome or an upcoming progression review. Or anything else, really.

Over the upcoming months, we plan to arrange regular Jitsi drop-in sessions where you can come along and talk about anything that is on your mind in a trusting, wholesome and supportive community of peers. Check back soon for more information!

Who we are: 

We are a group of PhD students who completed a mental awareness course. We don’t claim to be counsellors or to give any advice. Our task is to manage the support group and to create a space where people can speak and express themselves, without judgement. If you need support finding professional help, please come and talk to us, we will try to support you in this. Equally, if you prefer to talk one-to-one, contact any of the Support Volunteers

 Upcoming Sessions: 

  • Sessions will resume in the new year.

If you would like to join, please follow the JitSi link.  No sign-up is required.

Our support volunteers

More information on our Support Volunteers.

Email us any time and one of our Support Volunteers will get back to you. 

We also have our shiny new Discord if you want to pop by, have a chat and check it out. 

Support Group Policies

In this space, we want to make sure that everybody feels safe and comfortable. Participating means we might share stories and parts of ourselves that are vulnerable. With that in mind, we expect everybody to help in sustaining a trusting, wholesome and supportive community by following our policies:

  • Be non-judgemental and respectful
  • Keep everything within the group 
  • No phones (in drop-in sessions)
  • Nobody has to share anything if they don’t want to 
  • Late-comers in drop-in sessions are welcome, but please be respectful and quiet when coming in 
  • No food during the drop-in session, but drinks are OK.

Please be reminded of these policies in the community.  By attending a group meeting, you are agreeing to these policies.