Third SICSA Workshop on Technology for Health and Well Being (THAW)

The Third SICSA Workshop on Technology for Health and Well Being will take place on Friday 20th June 2014 at the LT1415 Seminar Room, Livingstone Tower, University of Strathclyde and will be organised by Dr Marilyn McGee-Lennon (Mobiquitous Group, UoS) and Professor Lynne Baillie (ITT Group, GCU).

Workshop Outline:

A clear opportunity can be found in the fact that health and social care is currently moving from being hospital and clinic focused to being embedded in the community and in people’s lives and homes. This introduces research challenges around the use of technology (sensing, displays, security, privacy, accessibility, and usability) and the appropriateness of current and emerging technologies for the home and how they can make an impact on health, wellbeing and lifestyle (e.g. engagement, immersion, motivation, persuasion, visualisation, self-management, behaviour modification, gamification) at scale.

The organisers invite leading researchers in the area of technology for health and wellbeing to the third SICSA funded workshop in this area. This area requires innovative research ideas and solutions from a large multidisciplinary group of researchers in order to determine how we can best lead the way in Scotland in identifying the grand research challenges in this area.

The recent workshop on 20th March brought together researchers working in the area of mobile and/or multimodal technologies for health and wellbeing to collectively define the research roadmap in this area.

The third THAW workshop (Fri 20th June, University of Strathclyde) will have two themes:

1. Widening the Network (scoping of potential synergies with other cognate areas (e.g. security, sensors, future cities, big data, digital health, stratified medicine etc) and

2. Confirming the Way Forward (e.g. confirming the grand challenges from the second workshop, discussing funding and possible future collaboration on a Scotland and EU level and forming ideas for how to take forward the key research agendas in this area).

To register email on or before Friday 30th May 2014.

This event is free to those attending from SICSA institutions.

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