Call re-opened for the SICSA Saltire Fellowship

Those that missed out on applying for the SICSA funded Saltire Fellowship first time around will have another opportunity to apply for this exciting opportunity over the next few weeks.  We are now accepting applications from Early Career Researchers working at SICSA institutions – there is no deadline, but please apply soon as the place is offered on a first-come-first-served basis (subject to successful completion of the review and interview process).

Information about the programme: 

During 2015, SICSA will fund 1 Saltire Fellowship (coordinated by the Saltire Foundation) for Early Career Computing Science Researchers working within SICSA institutions.  If you want to increase your capabilities in the tech sector, spend time in Boston where, per capita basis, there are more software developers and R&D investment then anywhere in the world; as well as spend time in Silicon Valley, then China, the Saltire Fellowship is for you. The programme boasts an established reputation of quickly and effectively developing the skill set necessary to succeed in competitive markets: it expands leadership skills and capabilities; it provides experiential learning with hands-on work experience; and it delivers graduates with a global mindset.

  • The Saltire Fellowship is aimed at professionals from a range of backgrounds. Eligible candidates for the SICSA funded Fellowship will be Early Career Researchers (within 7 years post PhD) working within a SICSA institution
  • The Fellow will be based in Boston for 3.5 months and can continue to work on a US-based project for your organisation during that time; plus 2 one week trips to Silicon Valley and China; then the following 3 months will consist of a project within your own organisation
  • The costs directly associated with the Fellowship will be fully funded. These include: Tuition & Fees; Accommodation; Travel; Health Insurance

The application process: 

We are currently accepting applications for the funded Fellowship.  There is currently no deadline and the place is offered on a first-come-first-served basis.  

  • Applicants should visit the web site of the Saltire Foundation to register their interest.
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