£420K to support Scottish research in Cyber-Security and Cyber-Resilience

The Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance is pleased to announce the launch of its new Cyber Nexus.  The SICSA Cyber Nexus is led by Professor Kevin Hammond of the University of St Andrews, who is also the Director of SICSA; and brings together key researchers from 14 Scottish Universities.

The SICSA Cyber Nexus represents a £420K 18-month investment by the UK and Scottish governments that aims to establish the nucleus of a coherent and vibrant Scottish cyber-security research and innovation community, linking academia with industry, the public sector, government and the third sector. The approach taken to deliver this vision is based on all 14 SICSA institutions operating in a collaborative fashion across several strategically important activities including:
  • Bringing together Scotland’s academic Cyber-Security capability through the SICSA Cyber Nexus.
  • Baselining and monitoring the academic Cyber-Security/Resilience capability in Scotland.
  • Raising awareness of Scotland’s capabilities in terms of Public Education, Outreach, Skills development.
  • Delivering Impact through building skills and expertise and co-operation across academia, industry and government – transferring knowledge, technology and capabilities

Professor Hammond says:

“We are excited by the opportunities that the SICSA Cyber Nexus offers.  Recent events have shown how important cybersecurity is to key national infrastructure, such as the National Health Service.  Dealing properly with this represents both a tremendous technical challenge and a tremendous opportunity to build on the world-leading work that is coming out of Scotland. The seed funding that we have obtained will bring the Scottish community together, focus attention on the key issues that need to be addressed, and create new innovation across Scotland.”.

The SICSA Cyber Nexus is UK government funded, supported by Scottish Government, in partnership with the National Cyber Resilience Leaders’ Board.

For more information, please contact Professor Kevin Hammond.

More information about the SICSA Cyber Nexus programmes is available at Cyber Nexus Funding.

The SICSA Cyber Nexus UK government funded, supported by Scottish Government, in partnership with the National Cyber Resilience Leaders’ Board.