Summer Schools

SICSA is able to provide sponsorship for computing science and informatics focussed summer schools, held in Scotland and organised by SICSA members.  If you wish to organise a SICSA sponsored Summer School, please carefully read the information provided below and follow the process outlined:

What will SICSA contribute toward Summer Schools? 

The following contributions will be made by SICSA for Summer Schools that are granted sponsorship:

  1. For 1 week residential summer schools, £500 per student.
  2. For 2 week residential summer schools, £750 per student.
  3. For students attending on a non-residential basis, £250 per student.

Please note that SICSA can only provide funding towards the fee for PhD students studying in Scotland. We are unable to provide funding for students attending your summer school from outside of Scotland.

If you wish to make a case for a different level of contribution, you may do so. However, this must be accompanied by a detailed costing that justifies your figures.

What level of contribution is required from the organising institution? 

The rules of the SICSA award from the Scottish Funding Council require that institutions make a 50% contribution to costs. Therefore, the SICSA contribution for a Summer School will be the student’s registration fee and the institution’s contribution will be the student’s travel and subsistence costs. If your institution is hosting a summer school, the cost of facilities will also be your contribution.

What further support can SICSA offer? 

Whilst we expect the majority of the administrative and organisational work to be completed by the organising institution, the SICSA Executive Team can provide some administrative support, if required.  The SICSA Executive Team will also provide support to promote your Summer School


Summer School Sponsorship Guidelines