SICSA Pre- CHI 2024 Day

This will be an all-day event, comprising of talks, posters, demos and social activities where work being presented at the 2024 ACM CHI conference by Scotland-based researchers will be shared, discussed and explored.

As in previous years, this event is an opportunity to celebrate Scottish success at this year’s CHI conference, help build links across the Scottish HCI community, and welcome HCI researchers who are new to Scotland. It also gives an opportunity for interested researchers who are unable to go to CHI itself this year to hear about work being presented at the conference, and to discuss in depth with researchers their latest work. We expect a mixed audience, including researchers of the Scottish HCI community as well as interested students and industry collaborators. This will be a hybrid event, although in-person attendance is encouraged to maximise networking.

Are you a researcher based in Scotland with work accepted to CHI 2024 that you’d like to share with us as part of our event?

If you are, we’d love to hear from you, as the event can’t happen without your contributions!

If you’d like to contribute your work to the event, please register via the link below by the 12th April so we can finalise the programme for the day. The registration form allows you to tell us some basic details about the work you’d like to share.

General registration for attendees will be open until the 30th April for in-person, and until the day before the event for online remote attendance.

Please register via Eventbrite to book your place: