Saltire Emerging Researcher Visits

SICSA, in partnership with EIT Digital, can provide funding for post-graduate students (PGR) and early-career researchers (ECRs) to take part in exchanges between SICSA and European institutions as part of the Saltire Emerging Researcher Scheme.

You are eligible to apply for outbound exchanges (Scotland to Europe) if you are completing an informatics of computing science PhD or are an early-career researcher* at a SICSA institution.

For inbound exchanges (Europe to Scotland), you are eligible to apply if you are completing an informatics of computing science PhD at an EU/EEA/EFTA institution.

* Early career researcher is defined as being within 7 years of doctorate graduation (full-time equivalent)

Research Theme

We welcome submissions for focused research visits in the theme of: Resilient and Sustainable Digital Infrastructures:

Digital infrastructures are complex eco-systems that underpin every part of society. They comprise: computing and communication hardware; arrays of interdependent software services and applications that operate upon them; and the wider socio-technical systems of organisations, professionals, engineers and end users who maintain and operate the physical and software components.  Whilst critical to modern societies, from efforts to stimulate recovery from the global pandemic to the urgent need to address the climate emergency, the complexity, interdependency and fragility of digital infrastructures leaves them vulnerable to failures that rapidly cascade and spread.

Key Facts

  • Up to £2500 for PGR and £7500 for ECR towards travel, accommodation and subsistence and reasonable adjustments relating to equality, diversity, and inclusion considerations
  • PGR visits may be outgoing (Scotland to Europe) or incoming (Europe to Scotland)
  • ECR visits may be outgoing only (Scotland to Europe)
  • Outgoing exchanges may be to any EU/EEA/EFTA academic institution, industrial partner or government lab
  • Incoming exchanges may be to any SICSA institution informatics or computing science department
  • PGR visits are 1-2 months, ECR visits are 3-6 months
  • If a visa is required, all organisation and costs will be the responsibility of the applicant. Please see the following guidelines:

About EIT Digital

EIT Digital (The European Institute of Innovation and Technology) embodies the future of innovation by mobilizing a pan-European multi-stakeholder open-innovation ecosystem of top European corporations, SMEs, start-ups, universities and research institutes, where students, researchers, engineers, business developers and investors address the technology, talent, skills, business and capital needs of digital entrepreneurship.

SICSA have partnered with EIT Digital to establish a network of contacts across Europe and Scotland, to facilitate productive exchanges and develop research collaborations between the two regions.

Application Process

  • Read the relevant PGR or ECR guidelines
  • Complete and submit an Expression of Interest form
  • You will receive a response within 10 days indicating if you should continue to complete a Full Application Form, plus submit a supporting letter from your supervisor (if PGR) and your host.
  • Full Applications will be reviewed by the SICSA Directorate and you will receive the outcome within 4 weeks
  • Email your Expression of Interests to

Funding Call Deadline

  • Calls are still open due to the scheme being extended due to COVID. All exchanges must have come to a conclusion by January 2023

Guidance Documents

SICSA Saltire Introduction Slides (PDF)

PGR Guidelines

ECR Guidelines

Application Forms

PGR Expression of Interest (Word)

PGR Full Application (Word))

ECR Expression Of Interest (Word)

ECR Full Application (Word)


For any queries about the scheme the SICSA point of contact for Saltire is Aileen Orr:

Saltire Cohort Across Scotland

The Saltire Scheme is spread across multiple research pools and graduate schools within Scotland and there will be cohort-wide events and communications to all those who are undertaking a Saltire visit. SICSA will share your contact information with the central team running these cohort-wide activities.