European Future Leaders Programme

SICSA is able to provide support for academics and researchers in Informatics and Computing Sciences at SICSA institutions to study new techniques outside the UK at recognised centres, such as Universities and Research Laboratories, and boost participation in European collaboration.

We support proposals from SICSA members to establish network connections, showcase their skills and capabilities and to participate in specific networking activities both for policy influencing and project preparation. 

Funding Information

  • SICSA encourages interdisciplinary proposals. SICSA will prioritise projects and bids with an interdisciplinary component. Please highlight the interdisciplinary aspects of your proposal, including but not limited to: links with other sciences, with social sciences, and with public policy

  • SME involvement in the bid is not mandatory but we would encourage every applicant to consider the potential for both involving Scottish SMEs and representing their interests whenever possible. Advice on finding and contacting relevant SMEs can be found through Interface.

  • Funding can be sought for relevant activities including; charged subscriptions to collaboration tools or services, such as instant messaging or software repositories; software as a service costs to host virtual collaboration directly; establishing network connections; cost of a specialist consultant support for funding bids; support for SICSA academic’s time to develop proposals; or admin time to coordinate bids and meetings

  • There are no funding call deadlines – applications can be submitted at any time. Please note that we cannot fund retrospective applications and we cannot make advance payments prior to the travel taking place.

Information on forthcoming Horizon Europe calls can be found on the Horizon Europe web-site.

You can also find information on forthcoming calls on the European Commission Participant Portal.

Advice on finding and contacting relevant SMEs can be found through Interface.

European Future Leaders Programme Guidelines
European Future Leaders Proposal Form