Trends in Functional Programming 2012 (TFP12)

Date(s) - 12/06/2012 - 14/06/2012
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Royal College of Surgeons, King Khalid Building Symposium Hall

The symposium on Trends in Functional Programming (TFP) is an international forum for researchers with interests in all aspects of functional programming, taking a broad view of current and future trends in the area. It aspires to be a lively environment for presenting the latest research results, and other contributions (see below), described in draft papers submitted prior to the symposium. A formal post-symposium refereeing process then selects a subset of the articles presented at the symposium and submitted for formal publication. Following the precedent of the TFP10 and TFP11 proceedings, we plan to publish selected papers as a Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science volume.

TFP 2012 will be the main event of a week of functional programming extravaganza at the University of St Andrews. The week will start with the International Workshop on Trends in Functional Programming in Education, followed by TFP, followed by a workshop on 75 years of Lambda Calculus, an Erlang day, and two workshops covering the highly trendy topic of parallel programming: a technical workshop on Patterns for MultiCores (ParaPhrase project) and the Third SICSA MultiCore Challenge Workshop.

Details on the symposium can be found at:

For further general information about TFP please see the TFP homepage at:

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