SICSA Networking and Systems Research Theme: SCONE Meeting 2023

Date(s) - 10/02/2023
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Room G.07, Informatics Forum, University of Edinburgh

The next SICSA SCOttish Networking Event (SCONE) will take on 10 February at the University of Edinburgh.

SCONE is the SCOttish Networking Event – an informal gathering of networking and systems researchers in and around Scotland. The goal of these meetings is to foster interaction between researchers from our various institutions. Each meeting will take place over the course of an afternoon, and feature:

  • talks from PhD students
  • talks from faculty, postdocs and industrial researchers
  • discussions of possible funding opportunities
  • food and drink

Schedule and more information can be found on the event’s website:

SCONE Meeting 10-02-2023 – SCONE – the SCOttish Networking Event (


Keynote speaker: Marios Kogias

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