SICSA Future Cities Workshop 3

Date(s) - 22/07/2014
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

School of Computing, University of Dundee

SICSA workshop FutureCities – Bottom-Up 22nd July 2014

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Location: Dalhousie, University of Dundee

Schedule is:
10am – Registration (with Tea & Coffee)
10.30am – 4pm – Workshop (Lunch will be provided. Please email any dietary requirement to Mel Woods before 14th July)

The Workshop will be led by Dr Mel Woods, Reader, Design and Creativity and Dr Drew Hemment, FutureEverything, Dundee Fellow, University of Dundee in association with Future Everything
SICSA: Matthew Chalmers, David Robertson, Jon Oberlander.

The potential of bottom-up citizen led initiatives to support ‘Future City’ challenges has increased dramatically in the last decade. Cities become smarter as information is made available to systems in real-time, utilising data about events from the city’s inhabitants, existing IT systems and readings from the physical environment. This growing interest in city platforms and civic infrastructure from a bottom-up and citizen-led perspective is driven in part as a response to austerity, but also by individuals who acknowledge the value from new information. There
is also a recognition that societal challenges may turn into opportunities for more sustainable economic and social wellbeing, democracy and growth. However, understanding and achieving bottom up development is contingent on our ability to recognise and support
the drivers and technologies that enable citizen-led initiatives. There are fundamental challenges such as opening up ‘black box’ solutions that currently lock out citizens and limit scope for innovation by small and medium enterprises. The Future Cities vision
is tantalising, there are challenges, which may be best tackled from the bottom up in order to have the greatest impact on people.

This workshop will frame and explore and highlight the current and state of the art, discuss research questions and computing and design challenges for citizen led developments.

We invite leading researchers in areas related to city platforms and APIs, open data, standards, citizen science, observatory’s, accessibility and grassroots initiatives with an interest in:
1. Data capture, processing, integration and analysis
2. City platforms and tools (schemas, scaffolding, applications)
3. Design methods for Citizen engagement (e.g. co-design, participation, feedback and transparency)
4. Transparency, privacy, innovation, finance, scalability and sustainability.

Keywords: IoT, Big Data, Smart Citizens, Sensing, tool, decision making, data storage, privacy, engagement, design methods, evidence based policy making (citizen science).

Confirmed Speakers
Nick Taylor
Tomas Diez
Drew Hemment

Project: Research challenges
Designing schemas, blueprints and prototypes for bottom up initiatives
Professional vs amateur. Expert vs enthusiast,
Opportunity for Education
Products that challenge existing viewpoints and support scalability
Engagement: trust, transparency, openness and accessibility
Data integration and convergence issues.
Low cost, high accuracy
Policy, industry and economic agendas and models

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