SICSA DVF: Dr Jost Berthold – Parallel Programming in Eden – Guest Lecture

Date(s) - 15/03/2013
2:15 pm - 3:00 pm

McCance Lecture Theatre 1, University of Strathclyde

The guest lecture will be followed by a hands-on lab session in Room 2.50 Eden is a parallel Haskell variant which extends Haskell with constructs for the definition and instantiation of parallel processes. Processes evaluate function applications remotely in parallel. In comparison to the GpH parallel Haskell variant, covered earlier in the course, the programmer has more detailed control over data distribution, communication topology, and evaluation site, without having to explicitly specify synchronisation or communication. This guest lecture will give an overview of Eden, discuss skeleton-based parallelism and its implementation in Eden, and will provide an hands-on opportunity to develop Eden code on the departmental Beowulf cluster.

Dr. Jost Berthold is Assistant Professor at DIKU, the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen. He obtained a doctorate degree from the University of Marburg in 2008, working on concepts and implementation of parallel Haskells, in particular the language Eden. His research interests cover the spectrum of parallel functional programming: programming concepts and parallelisation patterns, language constructs, and questions related to their implementation and pragmatics. Since 2011, Dr. Berthold works at the core of the HIPERFIT research centre which applies advanced programming languages and parallel functional programming to problems from financial mathematics.

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