SICSA DVF: Dr Andy Gill – Building your own DSL

Date(s) - 06/11/2013
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Mitchell Library, Glasgow

A Domain Specific Language (DSL) is a special purpose language, designed to allow for programing in a specific domain. Furthermore, DSLs are pervasive when using computers – MATLAB, SQL, Verilog and even spreadsheets are all examples of DSLs. DSLs are better for many application because common tasks have build-in support, and with careful construction and effort, they can actually be more efficient that general purpose languages for applications.

In these talks, we will use the functional programming language Haskell to build a number of DSLs. We will start with an overview of Haskell, and highlight why it is a great foundation for DSLs. In the second talk, we will build Embedded DSLs in Haskell, looking at the two flavours of DSL, deep and shallow embeddings. In the final talk, we will build some larger examples. Collectively, these talks will give the listener a firm grounding in DSL techniques, and the listener will be able to apply these techniques to build their own DSLs.

If you wish to attend please email

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