SICSA Distinguished Visiting Fellow Talk – Prof Richard L. Baskerville: Digital Reality First

Date(s) - 08/06/2022
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

We are pleased to announce that SICSA has funded Prof Richard Baskerville to visit as a Distinguished Visiting Fellow. We will be hosting him at Strathclyde (6-10 June) and he will visit Abertay University on the 9th June.

Richard L. Baskerville is Regents’ Professor and Board of Advisors Professor of Information Systems at Georgia State University. His research regards security of information systems, methods of information systems design and development, and the interaction of information systems and organizations. Baskerville is editor emeritus of the European Journal of Information Systems. He is a Chartered Engineer, and holds a BS summa cum laude University of Maryland, MSc and PhD London School of Economics. His honors include the AIS LEO and the PhD (hc) University of Pretoria, and DSc (hc) Roskilde University.

We would be very pleased to have you join us for his two talks, either in person or via Zoom/Teams.

Digital Reality First

Classical information systems maintained digital reflections of “living” reality. Increasingly digital technologies create and shape living reality. It is an ontological reversal: the digital version is created first, and second the version in living reality (if needed). This ontological reversal challenges us to think about the role of humans and technology in society. Science and engineering are rapidly advancing this reversal with in silico research and digital twins. We are challenged to think about our role as IS scholars in this digital reality and what it means for our research agendas. Cybersecurity research is examined as an example.

Queries to Karen Renaud or Jacques Ophoff.

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