SICSA Data Science Research Theme “Research Challenges in Data Science”

Date(s) - 23/11/2017
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

The Data Lab

The SICSA Data Science Research Theme is sponsoring the forthcoming ‘Research Challenges in Data Science’ event which is taking place on 23 November at The Data Lab in Edinburgh.

Data Science is increasingly being accepted as a critical underpinning resource and technology that is crucial to the wellbeing and prosperity of nations. It has been, and will continue to be the source and enabler of large-scale disruptive commercial and social change and is the subject of considerable investment by Scottish Government, Westminster and the EU.
Three years ago SICSA held the inaugural meeting of the Data Science theme that surveyed the research challenges as seen at that time ( Much has changed since then and also partly in response to informal conversations with such organisations as the Data Lab, Scottish Enterprise and EPSRC we see a need to refresh the Scottish Data Science Research Challenges from the point of view of researchers.

Research challenges in data science
So join us at the SICSA event in November in Edinburgh to contribute to, and help form the SICSA Data Science Research Challenges.
We see this as being a highly inclusive and active event that will be driven by SICSA members. To this end, we will use Well Sorted (a simple remote card-sorting tool) to allow you to both contribute concise descriptions of research challenges and to structure these into groups that will be used to drive the generation of Research Challenge areas. The aim is to generate a short document that will provide a concise overview of what the theme sees as the major data science research challenges that should be addressed over the next five years.
As part of the activity, this meeting will help to nail how the Data Science theme will distribute some of its funds to SICSA researchers for future specialised data science activities and events. Look out for news very soon on the data science mailing list (below) about how you can help to shape that.

The event is free to attend (including lunch) but travel must be met by the attendees.

The details of the programme for the day along with registration instructions can be accessed on the Eventbrite page. Registration deadline is 9 November 2017

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