Reliable, Secure and Scalable Software Systems (RS4) Workshop

Date(s) - 01/09/2017
All Day

University of Glasgow, Sir Alwyn Williams Building

The era of many-core computing is transforming much of computing and areas like AI, sensor nets, IoT, and big data are just some examples. Many-core software systems have three main components: computation, i.e. the algorithms to be performed, data encoded in data structures and data stores, and communication between compute units:

Software Systems = Computation + Data + Communication

Such systems must resolve three inter-linked challenges in each of the components to be:

  • Scalable: emergent computing platforms operate at unprecedented scale, with commodity servers already commonly comprising hundreds of hosts, tens of thousands of cores, and thousands of storage devices.
  • Reliable: systems must tolerate and recover from hardware, software and network failures.
  • Secure: Systems are increasingly connected, and hence vulnerable to misuse and attack.

RS4 is a 1 day workshop that brings together academic and industrial researchers to outline both challenges and promising approaches.

The workshop is sponsored by SICSA  and the EPSRC MaRIONet Manycore Network, and is part of the 60th anniversary of the School of Computing Science, at the University of Glasgow

Invited Speakers include:

  • Alastair Reid, ARM: Security in The trusted computing base
  • Michele Weiland, EPCC: Exascale Computing
  • Alastair Murray, Codeplay Software: Safety-critical software
  • David Irvine, Maidsafe: Security and Privacy of next-generation internet systems

Presentations Sought
If you would like to present at the workshop, please send a title and abstract to Inah Omoronyia for approval by Friday 19th May 2017.

To facilitate catering, please register your intention to attend at by Friday 19th May 2017

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